Natural Macrame Cord 4mm 150m / 3-Ply Cotton Blend Macrame Rope / Soft Rope for Macrame Wall Hangings and Macrame Plant Hangers

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  • 4mm natural 3-ply cotton rope for macrame wall hangings and plant hangers
  • 150m or 492 feet per spool
  • 2lbs 3oz or 1kg
  • Natural off white color that is soft to the touch
  • 2 spools (min) recommended for average sized wall hanging projects.
Each spool is hand spun and wrapped in protective covering to keep any dirt or dust off during transit. All rope is made from natural cotton blends and is super easy to knot. It holds its structure very well, can be brushed out and holds cotton dyes beautifully.

4mm 3-ply cotton cord is the perfect material for crafting large macrame wall hangings, wedding arches, curtains, plant hangers, and epic statement pieces.

BULK DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR ARTISTS. Please contact me for pricing.